Monday, January 11, 2010

I am old

I have decided that I am old. As mentioned below, January is my focus on health month. Erik and I have been doing really well - motivating each other, putting up charts and stuff....however, it is 10:37 pm, I have just finished 55 minutes of P90 and Biggest Loser Workout and:

- I don't think I can make it up the stairs
- I was lucky to get out of bed this morning from last night's workout
- My knees have decided to stop functioning without pain (In fact, when its really quiet in the house and I walk down the stairs, I can seriously hear them creaking!)

Those of you under 30 years old - beware: its true that its harder to lose weight when you are older. Your body betrays you! I miss my 20's.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is it January again?

Happy new year to all!! Of course, as the new year rolls around we are all engaged in new years resolutions: what we are going to do this year to make our lives more successful, rewarding, etc., etc. And of course, by January 15th, we can't remember what we were going to do this year to make our lives more successful, rewarding, etc., etc. Well this year is different. I know - I think I say that every year, but I mean it: This year, 2010, is different!!!

Petra was telling me the other day about an article she read called "The Happiness Project". Check here for details:

This article takes the new years resolution idea and makes it more obtainable and more realistic. So world, here are my 12 ideas for my happiness project:

January - health
February -organization
March - relationship with hubby
April - finances
May - family history
June - education
August - cooking
September - kids
October - scripture study
November - thankfulness
December - true Christmas

My health happiness has already started! Erik got me the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and I love it! Yes, I was slightly not happy when I originally opened it up - what was he trying to tell me??? But again I have to admit I was wrong, he was right - it was a fab gift. The kids love it and we have a ton of fun doing it as a family. E and I are also doing the Power 90 program for the next 90 days. Actually, Erik is doing Power 90X, I will stick with the lowly non-X. Rylie has become my workout buddy and does punches and kicking and jumping jacks while I'm Power 90-ing.

Through January my health goals in general are to:

1. Exercise more - 6 days a week.
2. Eat healthy foods.
3. Teach my kids about eating healthy.

More updates to come!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Family of Six??

Welcome back to the hansen havoc blog! My apologies for not posting in a while, but, as you can tell by our blog name - hansen HAVOC, it gets a little crazy around here.

Well, on with the story:

Ever since Rylie was born (she is now 4), she has had to have someone lay in her room at night until she falls asleep. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try something different. We have a loft right outside of her room, and so I told her that I would be there in the "pink chair" (as they call it), reading my scriptures, while she fell asleep. Well, needless to say, she does a pretty good job of going to bed by herself now. Both she and Tyler do get up a couple times while I am sitting there - they are fascinated that I "color" my scriptures.

Well, a few nights ago I had put some laundry on right before they went to bed. I was sitting in the pink chair and Tyler got out of bed to come see me. He said he couldn't sleep because he heard a noise. We finally narrowed it down to the clothes dryer. I told him I was doing some laundry so he would have some clean clothes. He responded by asking "Just my clothes?" I told him no, there were his, Rylie's, mommy's and daddy's clothes. Without missing a beat, he confidently and proudly told me that we should have a family of six and I should have two more babies.

For the record, no, we are not having two more babies (or one).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"The ghost"

We have a new phenomenon that has recently entered our house. Its called the ghost. The ghost is a sneaky fellow (or maybe sneaky lady), as he's always causing trouble. We first learned about the ghost a few weeks ago as Rylie came running into my room, just before we needed to leave for church, with her hair sopping wet and covered in soap. My obvious, first response was "Rylie, what did you do to your hair???" Rylie quite calmly and matter-of-factly responded with "Mommy, it wasn't me, it was a ghost." According to Rylie, she closed her eyes and a ghost came and wet and soaped her hair.

Since this incident, the ghost has been responsible for quite a few other things. Here are a few:
  • Bubbles all over the kitchen floor
  • Nail polish (fondly called "paint nails" by Rylie) on her ponies and the computer keyboard
  • Further incidents of wet soapy hair at inoportune moments (seems to be a ghost favorite)
  • "Ponds" (this is where the ghost fills up bathroom sinks with soapy water, oftentimes forgetting to turn off the water in the process)
  • Naked-ifying all barbies in the near vacinity
  • Naked-ifying Rylie

So I write this post in warning - ghosts are about! Keep a close eye out at your house!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The mighty interview....

So one of the bains of my existence at my current employment is the need to constantly interview potential hirees. While yes, this is definitely a better option than having to be the potential hiree, I just know when I wake up on the morning of interview day, this is going to be a long one. Not only does it mean I don't get any of my regular work done, for which I don't believe there are enough hours in a day anyway, it means that there will be at least several candidates at which I will want to just scream "There is no way in heck you're getting this job, save us both some time and leave now".

Anyway, with each cloud there is always a silver lining, so it is with that mindset that I present to you a few Do's and Don'ts of interviewing:

1. Don't ask me if you can give me one of your "business cards" and then present me with a golf tee that reads "Dan the Man with the Plan" and you're phone number. Yes, this is probably the reason you are still not just jobless but single too.

2. If you are sick, don't spend your time with me hacking and sneezing into your hand and holding your boogery germ-infested tissue and then expect me to shake said hand. That is just disgusting. God provided us medicine on this great earth - use it. Lots of it.

3. Do have the sense to look over your resume before sending it to me, especially when using a Microsoft Word resume template. Telling me you have "attention to detail" on the same piece of paper that reads "YOUR NAME - YOUR ADDRESS - YOUR PHONE NUMBER" at the bottom just doesn't add up right.

4. Do understand that if you lie about your criminal history, I am probably not going to hire you.

5. If I ask you if you are ok with traveling two weeks a month, don't respond with "yes, I just want to get out there and party".

6. Do check yourself in the mirror before arriving for your interview. Creased, too short pants, a creased shirt, a 1980's skinny tie and big old high tops does not say "I am the man for the job".

7. If I ask you to tell me about yourself, don't respond with "uh...uh...what do you want to know" or just stare at me blankly. This makes things uncomfortable for both of us.

8. Don't use your ex-boyfriend who currently works for me but thinks you are a psycho as your reference. (Why would you want to work with your ex anyway????)

9. Don't tell me multiple times in the interview that you are the perfect candidate for the job. Thats what an interview is for - for me to determine that. If I can't tell whether you are a perfect candidate from our time together, actually telling me it isn't going to make up my mind for me.

10. For heavens sakes, do make sure your fly is up before walking into my office.

Well, I hope this helps any of you that may be currently looking for work! I do believe I deserve a T-shirt that reads "I survived interview day October 2008!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rylie and me

So last night Erik and I decided to have some one on one time with the kids. He wanted to take the kids to the movies - I wasn't that interested in seeing Space Chimps (see previous blog for thoughts on watching movies), so he and Tyler went off and Rylie and I had some coveted mommy/daughter time.

I think sometimes Rylie lives a little bit in Tyler's shadow. There have been probably only a handful of times when they have actually been apart, and so she relies on his being there. I love going out with Rylie though. She is such a thoughtful child. As I was getting ready before she and I went out, she was putting all her efforts into making a "project for Tyler". She was concerned that we would have fun without Tyler and daddy.

Well, off we trucked to Wal-Mart, because her choice of events for the evening was going to the store to get a toy. As we circled round the well-stocked toy aisles, she decided on a little plastic pouch with "paint nails" (nail polish) in it. A mother couldn't be prouder - when her daughter chooses the $3.86 nail polish kit as opposed to any of the other overpriced Dora and Barbie toys. (Way to shop sweetie!)

I then took her to Applebee's to get dinner. She and I conversated about the different things to color in her kids menu (whoever came up with those is a pure genius!). After a full kiddie chocolate milk, however, she told me she didn't feel well. I quickly asked for our food to go, not wanting to repeat our last Applebee's experience where I couldn't get Rylie to the bathroom fast enough and she hurled all over the floor by the bar. So we came home, ate our Applebee's and had a mommy and daughter "paint nails" fest, followed up by her dancing while I played the piano (one of her favorite things).

It's nights like these where I remember that family is what matters most. Too often, I am caught up in the day to day stresses of work, not remembering fully my most important job - to raise my two wonderful children. Yes, they can be hellions, but they are my most treasured possession.

Here's to you Rylie - my sweet princess!

What? I was tagged?

So I was tagged by MBD (sorry, MBH just doesn't sound the same!) like a week ago to share six weird and random things about me. I am struggling to come up with one, because I am just oh so normal. Maybe I'll have to solicit the help from my other half (definitely not better half today - I think I may get some attention if I dress up in a football uniform or put on some cleats.....maybe I can hope for a tackle....). Anyway, here is what I came up with:

1. I am an e-mail junkie. Darn those Blackberry's and their blinking red light to signify a new message. Its the first thing I do when I get up in the morning and the last thing I do before going to sleep. I know, very sad.

2. I can watch a couple hours of TV, but hate watching a movie. I know - doesn't make sense. I think its because I use TV to wind down and veg out - if I actually have to spend money on a movie, I feel I have to invest my brain power to pay attention to the story line (or lack thereof).

3. I typically hate spending money on myself. I can blow some dosh on the kids, my hubby, friends and family, etc., but don't usually fork it over when its for me. One caveat to that - if I do spend some, its usually a good amount! (Editorial note: this has often become a sticking point between me and Erik. My defense is that I don't do it that often, so when it does happen, it makes up for all the $20 trips to Kohls and Steve & Barry's he has had in between.)

4. I have bi-polar cleaning tendancies. Depending on the day, I have to have my house or office completely clean and organized (don't you dare have something out of place) OR I just don't give a darn and boy, can you tell! There is no nice middle ground.

5. I enjoy watching SpongeBob as much as the kids do. Case in point today - I suddenly notice that I'm the only member of the family left in the room watching it, and no, I didn't change the channel. Its quite an enjoyable cartoon! Humor for all ages! I actually want to DVR the upcoming new episode - WhoBob WhatPants.

6. I love fry sauce. I will actually choose somewhere to eat for lunch based on the delectability of their fry sauce. I'm craving some just thinking about it.

Well, I would love to tag six people, but I don't have that many blogging buddies! So Carole - you're it!